How to Get on the First Page of Google Search

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Are you own a website and want to get on the first page of the Google search engine?

Well, it is not really easy nowadays. You have to work hard to get on the first page of Google search results. Quality Content is the number one factor for top pages result.

Tips to get a website on Google Search’s top pages:

1) Implement Title Tags and Meta Tags
Your web page title should be the gist of the content. Every page of your website should have meta tags like description, keyword, and author.

2) Quality Content
Content is king. Unique content is very useful for search engines to get indexed fast. Usually, Google gives priority to long written content that is quality off-course. You should place keywords or phrases of words carefully in the article.

3) Acquire Quality Links
Backlinks are always a valuable factor for gaining top search engine rankings. Backlinks are viewed as a vote from one site to another. That’s why more backlinks to your site, means more popularity to the search engines.

4) Keyword Relevant Domain Name
You should purchase a domain name that has relevant keywords to your content type. The relevant domain name of content could attract visitors easily which gains more visitors to your website.

5) Ease of Website Navigation
Your website should have easy to navigate through. Confusing and a lot of broken links could harm your site because the search engine spider will fully crawl and index all your pages.

6) Fresh and new content
Search engines like new content. You should add new content to your website regularly. Visitors of your website also expect new content regularly that will also attract visitors to return again

7) Guest Posting

Guest posting to other websites is a great option to make your site popular. You can place two/three backlinks to your website’s pages. Generally, you can get quality backlinks from this type of guest posting service.

8) Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is another way to post your short content with a backlink. Most social bookmarking sites allow posting free of cost with at least one backlink.

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